Thursday, May 07, 2009

English Class 2009 II

English Class II Album

The children are all grow up! And by and by the time's going by... 3 years teaching those children, I can't say whether like them or hate them. I always think that I just want to save some money from the job, but sometimes I really enjoy teaching those kids, I feel very satisfied if I found they actually improve somehow and learn something after all... ><... can't bear to leave them><... Hope they all can learn something good from my class eventually... heehee... Jill! You can't hide haha... You have become so naughty and inattentive... well just wish you luck. I've already done what I can do...mmm... you are on your own then~~

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

English Class 2009



Seeing is believing, exclamation mark or question mark?

Seeing never equals to believing!
What you saw can't always be real.
What you have can't preserve forever!
Time to let go!
Let it go!
Make it free...

A day without fussy air

A day without fussy air
All clear sky make my day!
I'm totally calm and peace
in my wonderland!!
In My...BettySuarezLand!