Throughout the Doorframe

Through the doorframe, I saw my past. Throughout the window, I soared free. Shall I just erase all these and start all over again? Or...maybe I am overreacted to everything. Sometimes, I just told myself to stop writing ever again. Or just not in English I thought. I even loose my sense of writing from the moment I get.... Maybe...just maybe...more.... I've kept asking myself: how could I ever stand so still. I should have erased 'em all...and started all over. Is those diaries on "the professor" made you think that I may not be sort of good student or qualified in their frame? En la pause est bien pour moi! Oui...pour moi! I start tearing my dreams & my whole fantasia. 'Tis time to restructure. My dear dear god...i pray of give me thy strength.... Even in my looseness of thoughts. I shall be there...with thee and immerge in thy glory shine! Under the tree of evergreen, I write it down on the leaf: to my beloved & to my dreams, farewell the night...& the frightening darkness. Shall I soar even higher, and make my wax melt? Then merge into the darkness of the ocean. I should fall... like Lucifer did.


Throughout the doorframe, I saw myself solitude... Without light & a pair of wings to spirit away.... Now I'm late for class. I go down the stairs and throw all sorrow away. Nothing can ever hurt me. I fail and I stand up fighting again! Throughout the doorway...I find you...freedom!

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