Fading the Title

Oh~me! I'v lost me nature... I'm not the person I know. How could I be such a fool! 'Tis not nature loafs me yet I myself that cast it long ago. I chose "love", yet love wasn't mine. 'Tis not Eros found me but Errors did. The Whole amour itself is a huge mistake. For one wrong made nothing right, I rather should have chosen death than torture alive. Now the timing past, the thought ashes. Shall gone with the wind? Or just lost in the mist of dreams. Tell me! My dear one. Deliver me out of this chaos. My time isn't right, and my life too. Pick up those fragments of my imaginations. To see whether it could be composed into a perfect dream? Shatter my dreams and tore my works. Fall down the flakes like snow. My temperature's low like in Antarctica. All shall fade... all shall fade.
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