Monday, January 01, 2007

2007新年快樂~2003A班!! A word to my classmate by the new year's light Jan. 2007

Time to say goodbye~ my beloved classmates...

so dearest and so painful joy...

sweet dream & bon voyage everyone...

even being abandoned like valueless

yet we know

what valueless would have done to us.

the poisoned dream had ended.

New time has come to us.

notorious in shepherd's eyes

priceless in Jupiter's light!

she the Hitler's unborn child

we the Jesus' undo kind!

path through the shadow

shall we find the brighter light

honor from our faces

lotuses about footprints...

never loaf yourselves then light is yours

glory from almighty to you

and from you to everyman

love your enemies and never ever lost your faith...

toward the ultimate truth.
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