Happy New Year! Myself...

With the firework of the whole new age, I cannot help wonder if I can ever write something as to find a lifetime companion. Or at least for a while.... :P Happy new year happy new year, myself... Alone isn't making me sadder neither happier. But am I kind of enjoy the life of being alone?

lead me more away from the real world, 
the world of ever chaos & troublesome. 
There I find a cage and enprison myself in it.
no more clear sky, no more free air out here & there. 
I only find myself a little freedom here in my own cage. 
Now now cut off my wings and put them onto thy wounds 
pretending having one. 
No more tears in thy dreams. 
No more pain... 
There there, my heart, 
no more sad days & uncertainty. 
No more doubt & hesitation. 
For in thy cage, 
you will be free... 

With the sparkling fireworks, my tears' tried. The Cold air recalls my humanity. I can again feel the warm breath through my lips. Here, I live... ugly but free.
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