Over Seriousness Make Me Cry Out Loud

Author is dead, as soon as the work is done and published. I don't get it why people always likes to attach the work itself to the author. Didn't I make my ground that it is merely a piece of my negative trash? Want to know the real me or don't want to mislead your own thought about me? Please go look at my facebook. You will see how I am so different from the side you see/ had seen @ this god-damn-it puke hole. I don't want to mislead anyone what kind of person I am. It's just all unreal before you get to know me. But I think there is someone/something else that already has been "pre-destined". Can't force it or subject to change. Being misunderstood by others is always my "talent". I am quite get used to it. But still...I won't change the way I live just for someone else. But thanks anyway for any provocative/touche advise. Well, I just don't want to be pre-defined as someone I am NOT! Or someone awful.
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