Finally 2 years

Alas...didnt write anything since last 5 seasons. Where the hell have I been to? ha ha that's the funny thing just like Michael Bublé just sang right now this moment. I was suffering in those theory and criticism of Sandra Gilbert (actually her idea of writer's pen is quite appealing to me ha ha). However, I still enjoy in it! the last two years is quite a long year(s?). First is the torture of french teacher then comes landlord later the new school seemed to be quite defferent from what I had imaged in my mind. Finally found a new way to adapt to it yet came the crazy chocolat natzi put me down. it seems to be going down low...well... it is down low. REALLY LOW.... I almost killed myself just for a piece of shxt. Honestly, the very first article after the two years seems still remain the same: complaining all about the life, work, destiny, etc. But I still love my life and everyone who love me as i do to them. Hope I can learn something from such down-low experience. Be strong, Inot, be strong... and hold your tears. Everything would be okay! And you will find your one true love who really do care you in the right time, right place. Live! Even live as a pigum or lower. Do live. let the looser died ugly. The worse you live now, the better your life would be in the future. Be strong, man! and get the "Sandra Gilbert" done then have a good sleep for another new bright day to come! Good nite!
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