Should I Give Up living and Loving?

Since love has left me for decades, I can't help weeping for such lonesomeness. 'Tis my doom of living? Or the very turning point in a way for god sake? Tell me then... When the time comes, I would gladly accept it and embrace the death, maybe just time to end it all... Still some reason to keep my blood running and my breath, too? Still some hard time for me? When could life stop treating bad ones and tricking the good ones. What is the ultimate meaning of "responsibility carries good and big"? It seems I would never, ever stop continually asking more whys and hows. I quit though... no more complaining and tears. I shall live and walk in firm steps. When I pass the land of hell, I shall see the path to heaven. O~Sweet sweet death... I shall see thee soon. no more excuse for living in such a hell world. The world that crowns the evil and dames the good. I may not be thoroughly innocent yet never try to be one of their kind. Shouting in the palace of darkness and filth. Spare me, my lord. Spare me death and let it come to my bed kissing me goodnite. A sleepyhead never come around. A smile wears so firmly and good. Sleep tight... sleep tight.... never... ever... wake again...
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