He's just not that into you/ me... WHATever!!!

So what? WE all make mistakes. WE all took some wrong messages from wrong guys. What're you wanna do to me? Sentence me to death? It's just like a piece of chocolate, not big deal. But just by making it a huge fuss can someone fulfill some sort of sick tastes and totally crashing other people's life! That's so immature! all of us. Saying the things that we didn't quite mean it and hurt somebody else so badly. What does it gonna end? When does it gonna end? Chase those who ran away and see them chasing others that run away from them like they just did to me. That's ridiculous all of us! Keep doing the circle stuff to see what or who will turn to the other way! Do I really never looked like someone's exception? Or will I? IT just not that into me perhaps the destiny...Alright~then~~I say it: He's just not that into you/ me... WHATever!!! Fine... just let it be... keep talking myself into living alone "happily ever after" ~heehee! Darn it! ><.... XD
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