Cocoon (poem of ever chaos)

there is a lad
young and so true
blind and deaf
sick all over the tomb

beware the Snap
killing sight through
picking up his tongue
cut over and bulled

night angels shout
demons rule
torture and piercing
none can endure

cry in his own voice
instead of yielding tu
survive survive
for insane never led him pass through
they worded any can path
but the one whose feather striped nude!
gone all his wings and glory too trip
trip in his cocoon and keep silent mute
not active but passive too
again then again, slain by the moon
sink led it sink, and lost with dirt and blood
into the lake of eden the so-called paradisu
those memoir also burried into
smell so cruel
for the last look
at the garden
where i dream
so dear and
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