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The world is changed. In this period of information exploration, we can’t judge a thing only by what we used to. Things may change and time may pass. There are no definite answers to tings that were, things that are, and even something that have not yet come past. For this, we must learn from each other. Do not be over proud of ourselves. Always retrospect twice a day instead of self-denying or over-proud. We are only dusts in the wind. We must look through the things which we used to look it in a common way. Life is just one of the games we play. There is no special way. We just follow the wheel of destiny. Snow melts to water, streams gather to River. Look upon our head, and there’s thousands of shining, sparkle stars all over the universe. Are we the brightest? And how long can we keep our shine? We can live a life that's never satisfied. Knowledge is as much as the Everest high. We must make the best of what's given us till we conquer the Mt. Eiger.
There is no denying that we live in the world of the rapid development of knowledge, we must keep up with up-to-date information around the world each day. There are still much to learn about. Learn with passion and humble mind. One always better than another; some higher than the highest. We can’t exam the world with narrow, negative views. We must open up our mind with a future sense. The world is changed and will go on and on. Thus, if we keep living in our own tinny “kingdom,” then we will be far behind, and turn out to be the “city mummy.” By now, we’ll be eliminated by the tide of time.
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