In the Summer Time, That is... /2 (夏風詠 2)

Chapter I
The Windy Shore
To the "New Gaol" for a new goal

As wind comes...where would you be?

By the road between the golden waves, David sat in an old truck jiggling all the way. His father sat beside him expressionless keeping driving. David looked at his father firmly a while, and turned for the sun light splashed over his face.
Yet the sun even make his face more paler like ghost not rosy. However, David just let Apollo burn cruelly about his smoothy face. No matter how hot it was durring the days of early summer time, he just sighed deeply in his mind and merely helpless. Moodily looked directly through the field waved like the sea patting by the coast of the way. One square to another on and on.
He looked at the same direction so still and firm like a statue. Silently, without a word, he closed his eyes so slowly, and just let the sun light shine through his eyelids. There, he saw a magnificent scene. Such scene with such light, so fair that might probably come from above. So warm and simply peaceful.
It is not the first time that David closed his eyes like this to feel the sunlight, yet each time felt quite kind of altered.
In the past, he used to do this when he swam around the coast near his hometown. He just faced up lightly and kept floating on the surface of water. Then he just peaceful accepted the baptism from heaven with eyes closed. David felt the warm shine with the late-summer wind whispering and singing the holy melodies. Only by the moment can it make David gradually smile...from heart...
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